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Beverly Cleary, beloved children's book writer, dies at age 104

Thanks to Michele, whose childhood was full of Cleary characters, for sending me this news today.

Cleary didn't like the books she read as a child so decided to do something about it and write the stories she could believe in.

Has anyone else read her books? What's your favorite?

Read about Beverly Cleary here:

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I read Beverly Cleary when I was a kid, and I confess to having a rather large bin of her books in my classroom that I finally passed onto a lower grade. Like Yvonne, I was also annoyed by Ramona when I read the books as an older sibling, but I have actually had several students who remind me of Ramona and have really endeared themselves to me. I wonder if anyone has read Dear Mr. Henshaw, which I discovered later and read as an adult? I'd be interested in opinions about that one!



I remember reading Beverly Cleary when I was a kid--my favorites were Henry Huggins and Ribsy. I also remember reading Beezus and Ramona and being super-annoyed with Ramona (maybe it was an older sibling thing😂) and so I never read any of the Ramona books.

I tried to read Socks and Ramona the Pest to Laura when she was little, but we were both a bit bored (I'm not sure the books have aged well, plus I was really peeved at how the Brickers treated Socks once the baby came along😡)

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