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Hurricane Lolita, Véra Nabokov

2023, Editions de l'Herne

translated by Brice Matthieussent


Véra Nabokov's previously unpublished journal (1958-1959), (translated from English and published in French only), focuses on the time around the publication of her husband Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita.


"Lolita is mentioned by journalists from all the points of view imaginable, except one: that of her beauty and pathos....I wish someone would notice the tender description of the powerlessness of the child, her pathetic dependance on the monstrous Humbert Humbert, and her heartbreaking courage all the while, culminating in a sordid but basically pure and healthy marriage, and her letter, and her dog...Everyone misses the obvious: "the horrible little kid," Lolita, is essentially very good - otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to get back on her feet after having been so frightfully crushed, to find a decent life with poor Dick, a life which was more fitting for her than others. In fact, they didn't even begin to write about this book where each page deserved a long and intelligent commentary."

(Translation from French by kelliebooks. Véra Nabokov's original English version is not yet published.)

RECOMMENDATION: I don't recommend (except for Nabokov or Lolita groupies) because the above quote is the only part that talked about the content of the book itself, rather than the publication process, growing fame, etc, which didn't interest me much. Not to mention it's only available in French. So enjoy the quote above!

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