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Petite Series: Yoga by Emmanuel Carrère

2020, Emmanuel Carrère and P.O.L. éditeur

SUMMARY: An adept of yoga, the author starts out on a journey to write a lighthearted book about the subject, but ends up offering the reader, in addition, a detailed explanation of his stay in a clinic for the treatment of bi-polar disorder.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: "I now know the Polonaise "Heroic" (by Chopin) by heart, I can lay it out in my head from one end to the other, which leaves me free to concentrate on Martha Argerich's playing, very fast ...but never rushed, incredibly powerful and airy." (p. 369)


Recommend, if you're interested in yoga, mental illness, introspection and some, if uneven, great writing.

Do Not Recommend, if you're annoyance with self-centered writers outweighs your enjoyment of talented writing.

Petite Series explained here.

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