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The Most Precious of Cargoes by Jean-Claude Grumberg

La plus précieuse des marchandises

2019, Editions du Seuil

This tale is about a baby whose father throws her out of a train window. Inside the packed train, the baby's mother, father and twin are heading towards a concentration camp. When the father sees a peasant woman outside, he wraps the baby in his wife's colorful prayer shawl and commits the desperate act -- of love.

The childless peasant woman brings up the baby.

After the war, the father, the only survivor, sets out to find his daughter. What happens is unexpected, but another act of love.

What matters the most, indeed, the only thing that matters, says this touching tale, is love.


Note: This tale is fictionalized, but based on a true story.

Thanks to Jo who lent me this book.

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