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Originally from the USA, I live near Paris, France. I love to read and follow the unexpected pathways that lead from one book to another. I’m always folding down page corners at my favorite passages, Post-it-ing sentences that touch my heart, or underlining ideas that strike me as true. Instead of leaving those thoughts buried between book covers, I want to keep them here at kelliebooks.


So kelliebooks is a personal digital book memoir of sorts. It’s for me, but it’s for you too. You can get ideas for yourself or your bookclub, or just browse, and if you want share your perspectives. Who knows, maybe together, with my posts and your comments, we’ll end up creating a collective digital book memoir!

My posts will mainly be about English-language books I like (and some I don’t) plus a few French books, with a separate section for writing (mine) and polls (to get your opinion).  

Welcome to kelliebooks. Take a look around, enjoy, get inspired and—if the spirit moves—share.


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