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Attention Readers

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

What is your main method for choosing a book to read?

  • Read the covers

  • Read the first few sentences

  • Peruse beginning, middle, and end

  • Book Recommendations

I recently met a woman who reads the beginning of a book, then a bit in the middle, then the end. She does this not only to see if it's worth reading, but also, she says, "I like reading the end, that way I can go back and see how the writer set things up to get from one point to the other."

This made me wonder how many other ways of reading books are out there, and how you decide if you'll read a certain book.

Take the poll below. Then add information in the comments or by email at Answer any or all of these questions:

1. How do you decide to read a certain book?

2. How do you read it? (every word, some skimming; slowly, quickly; folding down pages, marking with a pencil, using post-it notes; paper copy, tablet, etc.)

3. What do you usually do with the book after (give it away, sell it, keep it on bookshelf or tablet, something else)?

4. If you don't like a book, do you stop reading, or carry on to the bitter end?

5. Anything else?

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