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Desert Island Books

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Happy New Year 2022!

Last year, I asked which book you would take if you were banished to a desert island and could only take one? Here's what you said:

"Man omniscient can solve any problem."

"It's genius. I can read it many times."
"You can sink your teeth into it and find something new every time."

"I love the compartmentalization of the narrator into such different categories in separate notebooks- writer, lover, political activist - and understand how the political events threaten to dissolve her sanity. Plus the sex writing is very graphic! "

"I can read it over and over!"

"I love the wildly unpredictable turns an otherwise typical life can take."

"Journey. Resilience. The evolution of a relationship with yourself."

"'Long Life' by Mary Oliver is a short book of essays and poetry about observing nature. It seems like the perfect encouragement for accepting and learning to enjoy being stranded somewhere…"
From "Long Life" by Mary Oliver

"I think I might prefer a book of favorite photos of family friends and places we've visited."

The Bible has everything: history, philosophy, poetry, good news, bad news...and it's long enough to last! -kb

One reader wanted to sneak in extra books...

The Good Soldier, Ford Madox Ford

Anna Karenina, Tolstoy

Saturday, Ian MacEwan

and maybe Red Notice by Bill Browder, a non-fiction book to break the monotony

...while others had different ideas:

"If I am on an island alone I don’t want to read, just be alone in peace and quiet."

Is this comfy enough?

"I would be more concerned about creature comforts like A/C, fresh drinking water, electricity, bug spray and a flushing toilet!!!

Thanks for participating!


The "comments" section has been updated (thanks, Dylan) and it should be easier to leave a comment now. Try it out.

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