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Faith by Jimmy Carter

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Simon & Schuster, 2018

Former US President Jimmy Carter talks about his religious faith and his work as Sunday school teacher, politician, and activist. Carter was brought up in a Baptist church and uses lingo which will be familiar to fellow Baptists or evangelists, but makes clear his position on the debate between science and religion :

« The purpose of science is to reduce the extent of what is unknown, while religion stresses the fact that there are important aspects of life that cannot be directly observed or otherwise proven. As a Christian who has also studied nuclear physics and delved into the mysteries of space, I have not detected any conflict between science and religious faith. »

Carter quotes Basque author Miguel de Unamuno, « To believe in God is to desire His existence, and what is more, to act as though He existed. » p 58

Jimmy Carter is a sincere seeker of truth and peace, and believer in God. From his mother he inherited a philosophy of helping others which is revealed through his actions (politics, Habitat for Humanity).

Brought up in the South on a peanut farm, he remembers the first day he was too old to remain undistinguished from his black playmates. One of his young friends stood by to let him pass, because he was white.

Carter believes in equality for women and thinks Churches not allowing women to take an active part are in error.

He has written many more books than I had imagined, and has sought after knowledge relating to human existence and the search for the truth.

His years in the Army are also covered.

He introduces his subject, « The issue of faith arises in almost every area of human existence, so it is important to understand its multiple meanings. »

Chapters are :

1. Meanings of Faith

2. Acquiring Faith

3. Religious Faith

4. Demonstrating Our Faith

5. What Faith Means to Me

6. Challenges to Faith

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