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Gnome Poem

Since you're saying "wtf

this winter weather really sucks"

this little poem is just for you

to help and chase away the blues

Here in Paris winter brings

weather no one wants to sing

and lacking common decency

to snow, rains unrelentlessly

Just yesterday you did declare

the risk of rain-induced despair,

reminding me to let you know

in not too long, the rain will go

Sun will shine, blossoms spring

The windows we will open fling

Our hearts will make a happy song

Like this: ding dong ding dong ding dong

Until then keep up your chin

tho at times it's hard to grin

Go ahead, smile anyway

that helps cheer up any day

Think of all your awesome friends,

lovers, children, pets and then

you'll know that no amount of drizzle

can make your inner joy out-fizzle

It's getting long, this "little" poem

hmm, that rhymes with little gnome

look at him up in his tree

cold, but swinging gleefully.

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1 Kommentar

Julia R
Julia R
28. Jan. 2023

Nice gnome spotlight and little gnome poem! I like the picture

Gefällt mir
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