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Petite Series: A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry

1996, Faber and Faber

SUMMARY: Two Hindu "untouchables" Ishvar and Om move from their village to a big city in India and become friends with a Parsi widow, Dina and a student, Maneck, in this humane and engrossing story of life's joys amidst its all-too deep sorrows.


Whenever Mr. and Mrs. Surtee fought, she did not cook any dinner. Instead, she pulled out all his pyjamas from the cupboard and set fire to them, saving the ashes and charred wisps in a dinner plate to set before him when he came home from work.(p 55)

'But that does not mean we are not sad. It may not show on the face, but it's sitting inside here.' He placed his hand over his heart. 'In here, there is limitless room - happiness, kindness, sorrow, anger, friendship - everything fits in here. (p 442)

RATING: Must read

(As soon as I finished reading, I ordered Mistry's other books)

Update: The books arrived, the print was too small, I'll have to find different editions!

Petite Series explained here.

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