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Petite Series: In the Country of Others by Leila Slimani

Original title: Le pays des autres

Part 1: War, war, war

First published Editions Gallimard, 2020

SUMMARY: Book 2 of the historical fiction trilogy dealing with life in Morocco during and after the French occupation. Read about book 1 here. Book 3 not yet published.


(I don't have the published English version so I've paraphrased here):

For a moment, they weren't enemies. No, for a moment, they belonged to a group which didn't exist in reality, a group whose members were allowed to have indulgence for violence and compassion for the assassins and the assassinated at the same time...They were both victims and perpetrators, friends and enemies. (p 379)

RATING: Recommend

Petite Series explained here.

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