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Poll: Which 6 words describe your life?

2007, edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith, Smith Magazine

In 2006, Smith Magazine started accepting submissions of six-word memoirs from anyone, on-line. They're published on-line and in book form.

Take this poll to choose the memoir which best fits you.

Choose your six-word memoir:

  • Not quite what I was planning. - S. Grimes

  • Love drama, just not my own. - S. Zalutsky

  • Many risky mistakes, very few regrets. - R. Schnedl

  • Cheese is the essence of life. - M. Lynch

Write your own six-word memoir in the comments below. (You don't even have to log in, you can comment as guest.) Or email it to

Here's one: Up and down, good all around. -kb

The six-word memoirs in the poll above are from the 2007 edition.

For information on getting your six-word memoir published go to

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