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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I saw no movies this summer until September, when I made up for it, starting with Oppenheimer, which Kat and I went to see on a hot sunny weekday. The only people in the movie theater, we gave it mostly thumbs up, with a slight hesitation for not being sure we understood what was going on a few times. Critics of the film cite failure to mention the fate of the people living in New Mexico where the bomb was tested, and understating the consequences in Japan.

Otherwise I mostly stuck to Netflix, and watched the films below. I loved or liked them all, in order of preference within each category below.

TV Shows:

Fisk. Hilarious Australian mini-series about an inheritance lawyer.


The Wife, with Glenn Close. The wife of a writer attends the Nobel Prize ceremony with him. She questions her role. Surprise ending. Excellent film.

You People. Romcom dealing with USA racial issues. Funny, insightful.

The Incredible Jessica James. Romcom with SNL actress Jessica Williams. Touching, funny.

Vice. The Dick Cheney story. Dark comedy, informative.


The Pieces I Am. Interviews with writer Toni Morrison. Don't miss if you're a fan.

Feminists: What were they thinking? Famous feminists revisited. Interviews.

Scouts Honor Documentary about the Boy Scout sex abuse scandal.

Rented on Amazon Prime.

The Tale by Jennifer Fox Movie about the director's own experience with childhood sexual abuse at the hands of world famous coach Ted Nash. Incredible film, in a category of its own.

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