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The Girls by Emma Cline

2016, Penguin Random House

Summer 2021: While waiting for my delayed plane, I am trying to post quickly before I forget the details of this book I found at the beach condo, possibly left behind by Sue (London publisher on the copy).

It's readable though not really memorable. Inspired by the Charles Manson murder of Sharon Tate in 1969, it loosely explores the hippie culture of that time, through the story of Edie, an adolescent searching in the wrong places for the love and attention she doesn't get from her parents.

Middlebury College and Columbia graduate Emma Cline wrote this debut novel to very good reviews in spite of my diss above. Her boyfriend at the time sued her for stealing his ideas but she won the case.

January 2022: I finally finished this post.

Note to Sue: Were you the one who left the book at the beach?

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