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The Little Boy at the Concert

Recently, Hubert and I went to a concert. At the end, pianist, Dimitry Sin, played an encore of ethereal beauty. I had to find out what piece it was (encores aren't listed in the program), so we stayed afterwards, hanging around the lobby like groupies at a rock concert, waiting for the pianist to come out.

While waiting, I asked a few people, including a woman I'd heard declare after the concert,"Oh yes, I adored the Rachmaninov Prelude, although I wonder if he played the A-flat in measure 15 with enough subtlety, but oh, it was still sublime, simply sublime!"

She didn't know, but like all those I questioned, wouldn't admit it. (The French, having often been harshly criticized by teachers whenever they can't give the correct answer, tend to avoid saying "I don't know.")

About to give up I went back into the concert hall to see if the pianist might be there, but there was just a little boy, around 8 years old. He looked rather wise, so I told him of our dilemma.

He said, "Oh yes, my mother wants to know too, she thinks it may be an original composition by the pianist, since she didn't recognize it."

"Thank you, you're the youngest person I've talked to and the only one who has some sort of answer."

"Well," he replied cheerfully, "it's only a theory, for all I know my mother and I are totally wrong."

He introduced me to his mother who, agreeing with me that her son was ahead of his years, worried nonetheless she was taking him out too late to this concert, especially after bringing him to the opera the night before (a school night).

We all waited until the pianist finally came out and gave us the name of the piece: Schumann Sonata opus 133, Songs of the Morning, Part IV, Bewgst (with motion). Listen to video above, or this one below. It takes more work to get to Part IV on this one, but it's worth it. Go to minutes 7:50 – 11:36.

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