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World Book Day at Bill & Rosa's Book Room near Paris

March 4, 2022

A Rose for Ukraine

In honor of World Book Day, Becky, Yvonne and I, with 4 other book lovers, made flowers out of books at Bill & Rosa's Book Room near Paris in Boulogne Billancourt.

We crafted asters, daisies, roses and poppies using an Encyclopedia, a Nicholas Sparks book, my old copy of War and Peace and colorful baguette wrappers. Book Room owner and flower making expert Lisa made a rose in honor of Ukraine.

Misty loves Becky's flowers

Jay, Julia, Kellie, Yvonne, Angela, Lisa, Becky
Tolstoy War & Peace Rose

Bill & Rosa's Book Room is an anglophone used book store near Paris. Why the name? Buffalo Bill and Rosa Bonheur represent Franco-American friendship. For fascinating details click here and scroll down.

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