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Going Gray

2023, Split Hair Publishers

Make-up by JAH

I went to a Parisian hairdresser for an expert go-gray- gracefully cut. Mr. Chic inspected my half-highlighted hair with his fingers, disdainfully muttering, "What is this?" then added, "You'll have to wear more make-up to avoid looking sad and old in your gray future."

I remarked that Chic's hair was gray, yet his face unfarded, but he smugly replied, "Madame, I'm a man." Though piqued at the injustice, I consented to the lopping of my locks, on one condition, "please, leave enough hair so I can stick it behind my ears."

"Yes, Madame," promised Chic with a fancy flick of his scissors, then commenced cutting. Click, clip, fancy, flick. You're really going to need lipstick.

Emerged a short bob quite to my liking, but Chic, unsatisfied, continued the cropping, until I cried, "It won't stay behind my ears, it's in my eyes!"

"Not so, Madame," replied Chic, oh so Frenchly. "It is perfect, as anyone can see, what's missing is just cosmetics."

I hurried home and slapped on some color to brighten my face. The red and the blue spiced up the gray, but lacked the hoped-for grace.

So I called up my friend whose advice I treasure, here's what she said when I asked, "If you want to go gray without painting your face, just wear a couple of masks."

After an original idea by JAH

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