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Nothing Was the Same by Kay Redfield Jamison

2009, Vintage

In this memoir dedicated to her late husband Richard Wyatt, Kay Redfield Jamison (An Unquiet Mind, The Night Falls...) recounts their falling in love and their years together; his losing battle against cancer and her loss of this man so integral to her existence; and the difference between grief and depression.

Her bi-polar illness sometimes rendered their life and relationship difficult, but in a letter he wrote:

I am not glad the black hole is there but I am glad I have seen it. When you fall in love with a star you accept solar flairs, black holes and all.

Jamison says her husband was a reserved man, yet once in front of a group of friends he exclaimed, "I love you so much."


Throughout the memoir, Jamison shares with us, readers, works that touched her during life with her husband and in her grieving.


To Paint The Stars: The Life & Mind Of Vincent van Gogh, 1991


Missa Solemnis, Beethoven

Dies Irae, Requiem, Verdi

Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise (hymn)



Douglas Dunn, Thirteen Steps and the Thirteenth of March Elegies (poetry)

Robert Lowell

In Memoriam, Tennyson

Reluctance, Robert Frost

Other works:

Of Plymouth Plantation, journal of William Bradford

The Once and Future King, T.H. White


"...what has once existed can never die: not even the frailest things, spindrift or clover-scent or glitter of star on a wet stone." - George MacKay Brown

The hands which give are taking,

And the hands which take bestow:

Always the bough is breaking

Heavy with fruit or snow.

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