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Petite Series: L'impunité de Hélène Devynck

2022, Editions du Seuil
Women speak up

SUMMARY: French version of Fox News sexual harrassment story in the USA (Roger Ailes), but without the firing, hence the title Impunité (Impunity). Former star news announcer Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, also known as PPDA, was accused by at least 23 women co-workers including Hélène Devynck, a journalist, of sexual harassment or rape.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: "Several times during the 21st century, in France, the State, including the Presidency, has mobilized to defend men accused of rape and heap blame on their accusers." (Examples given: Bernadette Chirac wife of President Jacques Chirac, Emmanuel Macron, current president.) (p 233)

RATING: Recommend, but available in French only. Here's an article in English.

Petite Series explained here.

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