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Spring Day in Lille 2023

In some better news, compared to recent posts, I am happy to report that the first annual Spring Day in Lille, on April 18, 2023, was a success. The event, which lasted from 11:30 - 18:30, drew one person from Paris and one from London; both participants converged upon the Lille metropolis from high-speed trains boarded in their respective home cities. After meeting in front of Flandres train station, they ambled slowly along towards the restaurant Quai 38, stopping along the way only for urgent reasons like visiting the Apple store, checking their reflection in shop windows, and agreeing to be filmed by students conducting a survey, which revealed their vast lack of experience with two of Lille's best-known traditions, moules-frites* and beer.

Although it turned out that Quai 38 was in fact not on a quai, the food and wine were waterfront worthy. After lunch, Spring Day continued with a light stroll past historic churches, buildings and the birthplace of Charles de Gaulle, followed by the more serious business of shopping, getting a leg wax and sitting back down for a hot chocolate cognac and ice cream.

The two participants then headed back to the train station, thus ending the first annual Spring Day in Lille, 2023.

Tune in next year for Spring Day in Lille 2024. Events: a cooking lesson (moules-frites?), a champagne bar, and most likely another wax, it'll be that time again.


*moules-frites = mussels and french fries

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