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I will tell you when I write about it by Blessing Ofure Okoro

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

2022, BlessingShares

Writer and poet Blessing Okoro wrote these poems during the 2020 lockdown, which she describes as a time of "groaning from a waiting season, and hope for lasting love." In her poems, often religiously themed, always intensely human, she gives us an intimate look into the joys and sorrows but especially the hope we can find in life.

Here are two poems reprinted with permission from the author.


I met a new friend. -

The shining moon.

It smiled at me,

Glowing so bright,

I couldn't help but open up

To see its beauty.

It called out to me

Laying here alone,

I was almost surprised

To see it standing so tall

In the skies alone,

Right where it belongs,

It said this to me:

"Shine, dear, amidst the darkness.

Just like I do.

It is lovely to meet you too."


You can't hurt me,

I came hurt;

You can't scar me,

I was scarred.

You can't put me down,

I've been humbled;

You can't laugh at me,

I've been laughed at;

You can't talk me down,

I've been talked about;

You can't kill me,

He gave me Eternal Life;

You can't beat me,

He took my stripes;

You can't hate me,

He loves me;

You can't offend me,


I will tell you when I write about it is available here.

Also by Blessing Okoro: They Told Us to Dream

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