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Merry Christmas Blue

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

It's almost Christmas, merry and bright.

I'm feeling sad, that can't be right.

I gathered boughs to make a wreath,

but then they sat ignored all week.

A message came from Jo, she's blue.

(She also just turned ninety-two.)

Suddenly I feel quite keen,

to put in place the ring of greens.

I attach a branch from my Dad's tree

and a big red bow my Mom gave me,

with raphia from Julia's summer wedding.

Behold! the circle of life's eternal spring.


If someone you know may be alone this Christmas, give them a call!

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday!



Ali, for the Kahlil Gibran quote which entered my heart: If winter should say 'Spring is in my heart,' who would believe winter?

Sue, for merry and bright.

All my family.

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