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No, no, Gnome! by RHH

2023,, Letters to the Editor

You may recall the recently published Gnome Poem which addressed the problem of winter weather woes. Of the millions of responses that came pouring in from readers, including many gnomes, most described the solace they found in the poem's promise of better days ahead:

"Gnome Poem has offered me hope for a fling in the spring."

"I'd been feeling a bit sad, but now it's not so bad."

"Gnome Poem is one of those timeless pieces of literature that lets us all know we're not alone."

The International Gnome Group (IGG) expressed gratitude for "the positive image of a gnome on a swing, instead of stuck in the dirt, serving no purpose."

But the most touching response came from the poet RHH who inspired the original Gnome Poem. Her scathingly honest The Gnome who Knows, clearly a work of genius, sheds doubt on the idea that a poem, or even an optimistic gnome, can fight off the winter. Still, the careful reader will detect a playful style which dares to hint at the poet's secret hopefulness and belief in warmer weather.

The Gnome who Knows Yep, I’m the one saying WTF Winter is truly here and truly sucks I’m over the wind, the rain, the grey skies Spring is a lie, I want to cry. And you, knowing gnome, just sitting there on your swing, Mocking me, "There is spring, There is spring! You will sing and swing when everything we see begins to bud and blossom tugging your heart strings!" No, no, Gnome, that’s not the way it is! Winter feels forever, no deal, never! I really want to jump and seek Not be privvy to hide and sleep. However, my allergy to your buds and things

Leads me to believe you don’t treasure

the same pleasures as me Yes, I see you on your swing calling me names, acting all giddy, Finding joy in pain and party hardy pity. Rhyme your reason buddy cuz here’s how it goes:

Up your nose !! -RHH (nom de plume)


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